6 Tips and Tricks to Solve Migraine Problems

It can be challenging to manage migraines. You have no idea when they’ll attack or how you’ll survive when they do. There are things you can do to change things, even though you can’t always entirely stop them.

Sensitivity to light sunglasses

Bright lights are prevalent, and they frequently cause migraines in many people. Both natural and artificial lighting can aggravate or cause headaches if you have photophobia, a condition where you are sensitive to light.

You might want to use sunglasses both inside and outside to reduce this danger. These can shield your eyes from both the uncomfortable blue-tinted artificial light and the harsh light.

You might also want to experiment with green-lighting bulbs. Only this color hasn’t been proven to exacerbate headaches. Reduce your device’s brightness as another smart move. A migraine might be prevented more effectively by using the soft light from your computer or phone.

Bright lights won’t always be easy to avoid, but you can try to avoid them as much as possible. Sit closer to a window with less-glaring natural light if you operate in a space with harsh artificial lights. Avoid glaring surfaces and sources of flashing lights.


Over 70% of migraine sufferers report that stress is their cause. You need to concentrate on handling stress as effectively and rapidly as you can because you cannot make stress disappear. To avoid being caught off guard, have a strategy in place for what you’ll do when faced with challenging circumstances, whether they arise at work, in your personal life, or when you’re running errands or doing your chores.

Can you leave the scene and gather your composure before returning? Whenever you feel worried, take a few deep breaths. To quickly relieve the stress, why not call a friend or go for a quick workout? You should have a variety of stress-reduction techniques available so you can pick the one that works best at the time.

Sorting your priorities is also a brilliant idea to prevent tension from developing. Spend time wisely at work or school so that you have a plan for each day.

Set Your Schedule

Maintaining consistency may reduce your risk of developing migraines. You are more likely to experience a severe headache if you change up your routine. Maintaining a consistent daily routine is crucial for this reason. Maintain a regular sleep pattern, exercise routine, and healthy eating habits. You might also want to establish a daily schedule for your therapies and medications so that you can take them consistently.

Banish Strong Odors

Strong odors like foods and cologne may make your headache worse. It’s necessary to be prepared to adjust to your surroundings because it’s not always simple to escape these smells.

If the smell of coffee doesn’t bother you, keep a bag of coffee beans nearby. A brief smell of coffee beans, which neutralize odors, could potentially stop a migraine in its tracks.

A peppermint balm can also be used to purify the air around you. To mask potent odors, put some beneath your nose.

It’s a good idea to discuss your fragrance triggers as well. When they are near you, ask your family and friends to avoid wearing perfume and other strong fragrances. Giving them information about potential migraine triggers gives them a quick method to provide help.

Check Your Diet

Your migraines may be brought on by certain foods. It’s critical to keep track of your diet and how your body feels after each meal because everyone has different food sensitivities. To track your meals and how you feel afterward, keep a food diary. You will get knowledge of safe and unsafe practices as a result. If you discover that you have a lot of trigger foods in your diet, you may want to speak with a registered dietitian. You’ll still need to acquire all the nutrients your body requires.

Be Ready if Aura Strikes

Some migraine sufferers have an aura either before or during their head discomfort. Aura cannot be prevented, but once it begins, the side effects can be controlled. Go to a silent, dark room as soon as you start to feel symptoms. Sleep or rest for a while. Additionally, you might wish to apply an ice pack or cool cloth to the back of your neck or your forehead. Making sure you have enough water to be hydrated or getting it from food sources will assist.


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